With your cars, you also have to carry a number of other essentials, as parking permits, driving license, car registration paper, pollution control certificate issued for your vehicle, and insurance paper, and so forth.

Parking permit holders are a document that tells the staff of a parking lot that a vehicle has the permit to be parked inside the building. It is a huge help for the parking staff of a school, theater, office, commercial complex, or other places where people gather in large numbers. With their parking permits, the administrators of these buildings issue an authorization for their employees, customers and visitors that they can park their vehicle there.

WonderWebPrint has brought in a range of attractive permit holders, in which you can carry your parking tokens and receipts. With these holders, you can keep safe the document, and create a sense of easiness inside your car.

We, at WonderWebPrint, have a range of round, square and special order shaped permit holders in print and non-print options. You can get your holders printed and personalised as per your individual or business requirements.

We design and produce and deliver these holders, in bulk, at very competitive rates. Call us today to get your special quote!

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